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Green 6 Person 35 Mph Electric Golf Cart Club Car ODM OEM lead-acid battery sightseeing bus

Green 6 Person 35 Mph Electric Golf Cart Club Car ODM OEM lead-acid battery sightseeing bus

Electric Sightseeing 6 Seater Golf Cart

30mph 6 Seater Golf Cart

Sightseeing 30mph golf cart

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Product Details
Frame Material:
Maximum Load:
Motor Power:
30-40 Km/h
Battery Capacity:
590 Kg
Number Of Seats:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
4700 USD
Packaging Details
Iron Packaging
Delivery Time
7-15 days
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T
Supply Ability
300 PCS/Month
Product Description

Discover the joy of eco-friendly sightseeing with our Green Sightseeing 6 Seater Golf Cart, featuring electric power and a maximum speed of 30 mph. Designed for comfort, efficiency, and environmental consciousness, this golf cart is the ideal choice for scenic tours, resorts, and group transportation.

Product Description:

The FNE-A6 is a 6-seater golf cart which is designed for golf courses and other outdoor activities. It is powered by a 60V battery and has a total weight of 590 Kg. This electric golf cart is equipped with a high-efficiency solar panel that can help reduce charging time to 6-8h. This golf buggy offers superior performance and comfort, making it the ideal choice for golfers and outdoor enthusiasts. With its advanced features, the FNE-A6 is perfect for golf courses and other outdoor activities. It is designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience, while still being able to tackle the toughest terrain. The electric golf cart with solar panel is an excellent choice for golfers who want to enjoy their game without any hassle.



  • 6 Seater Design: With spacious seating for six passengers, including a dedicated driver's seat, it's perfect for group sightseeing, resort transportation, or community tours.

  • Electric Power: Embrace the benefits of clean and efficient electric power, contributing to a quieter and environmentally friendly experience.

  • Maximum Speed of 30mph: Cruise at a comfortable speed of up to 30 mph, allowing for a relaxed yet efficient journey through scenic landscapes.

  • Sightseeing-Focused Design: The golf cart is specifically designed for sightseeing, featuring open sides and a layout that enhances passengers' visibility and enjoyment of the surroundings.

  • Vibrant Green Color: The eye-catching green color not only adds a touch of vibrancy but also ensures visibility and safety during outdoor excursions.

  • Comfortable Seating: Cushioned seating ensures a comfortable ride for all passengers, making the sightseeing experience enjoyable and relaxing.

  • Safety Features: Equipped with essential safety features such as lights, indicators, and a reliable braking system to ensure a secure journey.


Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value
Name FNE-A6
Number of Seats 6
Battery Capacity 60V
Charging Time 6-8h
Range 70-90 Km
Speed 30-40 Km/h
Weight 590 Kg
Maximum Load 1000kg
Frame Material Steel
Steering System Rack And Pinion


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Customized 6 Seater Golf Cart from Florescence

Our customized 6 seater golf cart is designed for golf buggies, providing a comfortable and safe ride. It has the following features:

  • Brand Name: Florescence
  • Model Number: FNE-A6
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Certification: CE
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 PCS
  • Price: 4700 USD
  • Packaging Details: Iron Packaging
  • Delivery Time: 7-15 days
  • Supply Ability: 300PCS/Month
  • Range: 70-90 Km
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Steering System: Rack And Pinion
  • Charging Time: 6-8h
  • Maximum Load: 1000kg

If you are looking for a reliable and safe 6 seater golf cart, Florescence is the perfect choice! Contact us today for further information.


Support and Services:

Technical Support and Service for 6 Seater Golf Cart

We offer a comprehensive technical support and service for 6 Seater Golf Cart. Our customer service team is available to answer any questions you may have about the product. We also provide a warranty on the product for any manufacturing defects.

We provide a detailed maintenance manual to help you keep your 6 Seater Golf Cart in optimal condition. Additionally, we offer a wide range of spare parts and accessories to keep your cart running at its best. We also provide technical support services for troubleshooting and repair of any issues you may have with the product.

If you have any questions about our technical support and service for 6 Seater Golf Cart, please contact us. We are always happy to help.


Benefits of the Green Sightseeing 6 Seater Golf Cart:

  1. Eco-Friendly Sightseeing: Contribute to a cleaner environment with the electric powertrain, offering a sustainable option for scenic tours.

  2. Scenic Enjoyment: The design is optimized for sightseeing, ensuring passengers have an unobstructed view of their surroundings and can fully enjoy the experience.

  3. Comfortable Journey: Cushioned seating and a smooth ride make the journey comfortable for all passengers, enhancing the overall sightseeing experience.

  4. Safety Assurance: Essential safety features are incorporated to ensure a secure and reliable transportation experience.

  5. Versatile Use: Ideal for resorts, tourist attractions, or any setting where an electric-powered, sightseeing-focused 6-seater golf cart is desired.

  6. Distinctive Design: The vibrant green color and open design not only make the golf cart visually appealing but also enhance its visibility during outdoor activities.



1. Do you have a minimum order?

We accept small orders, no MOQ and direct shipping. But the price will be based on the order

2. What is the delivery time?

Sample order within 3 days and 15-30 days for bulk order

3. Can I visit your factory?

You are very welcome to visit our factory, we hope to establish long-term business cooperation relationship with customers.

4. Can you customize logo?

Of course, you only need to send its pdf file. We have a professional designer to help you design, and will send it to you for
confirmation after design

5. How do you transport?

Sea freight,Air freight,Courier
We will give you the quotation of different modes of transportation and the shipping time. You can choose according to


Embark on a green and scenic journey with our Green Sightseeing 6 Seater Golf Cart. Contact our authorized dealers to explore this eco-friendly and comfortable solution for group sightseeing and transportation.


Green 6 Person 35 Mph Electric Golf Cart Club Car ODM OEM lead-acid battery sightseeing bus 0

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